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A personal informative site on Christianity and living the simple Christian life.

This is a Christian website with information pertaining to living a life pleasing unto God. Topics include articles about life in Christ, inspirational stories, encouraging quotes and poems, rewarding craft projects, and more.

Since this is a personal informative site on Christianity and my personal walk with Christ, lots of materials are stored here so if you are looking for something or like to have any idea what's in store for you here, just scroll down and have a look at the sitemap of this Christian site.

christian websiteThank You!

It is my desire to write about matters that are close to my heart on this Christian site. Subject matters that affect the life of any simple Christian residing anywhere.

Eventually, this sitemap page will be packed with links to various discussions of Christian principles and teachings that guide me each day to live a better life - a life of dependency on the Almighty God.

When I meet Him face to face, may His words to me be: "Well done, my daughter. You have been a simple Christian, living a simple Christian lifestyle but you have left an imprint in hearts that will count for eternity."

So search this Christian website, my friend and fellow sojourner, and see if there's any thing here within that might encourage or inspire you to make a total commitment to please our wonderful God.

Flora Tan
- a simple christian living life God's way.

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A list of inspirational Christian stories that can be adapted for sermon illustrations, Bible lesson hooks or for printing into Christian tracts as evangelistic materials.

Christian Crafts

Some enjoyable crafts enjoyed by Christian women and the benefits one can derides from these crafts.

Card Making - hand making greeting cards and sending them out to bless and minister to the shut-ins and discouraged.

Scrapbooking - preserving of ones heritage and memories with photographs and mementos of personal or family lives.

Faithbooking - keeping of faith books with photographs and journals of ones spiritual life.

Cross-stitching - cross-stitch tapestries of Biblical scenes.

Quilting - piecing of scraps to tell a story or create pleasing pictures with colors and designs using textiles.

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Do check back often and search this Christian website for new articles, projects and freebies.

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