Recycled Art Tag
Birthday Tag  For  A  Friend

Below recycled art tag was created for a close friend's birthday. She's a Christian and she's a close friend so I guess she doesn't mind that I'm giving her a piece of art made from an Ikea's carton box.

But the carton box was new and would be a waste to throw away. So I thought recycling it into a piece of art is the next best thing. :-)

Here are some of the tags I made from the box beside the one for my good friend, Lisa.

Recycled Art Tag created using carton box material and die cuts.Happy Birthday Recycled Art Tag
gang of tags
Art tag that does not cost a cent but is appreciated by the recipient.Recycled Art Tag - A Birthday Tag

I had so much fun making this little birthday tag and it only took me less than 10 mins to make it. 

My Rustic Recycled Art Tag

As you can see from the pictures above, the cardboards were still so new and clean. So why litter God's world with something that we could make good use of again. From one single carton box, I could decorate so many tags and send them forth to bring cheer.

Indeed, this is trash to art:-)

Let me explain how I begin and what I did to make this piece of tiny recycled art for a dear friend.

Just a few days before I had purchased some stuff from Ikea and after I had unpacked and assembled my stuff, I was reluctant to throw away the carton box as it was so new and I think it was a waste to throw away something that had only been used once to store something.

Grandemark die-cut machines are big die-cutting machines from AccuCut. I have one that I love and use often. The die is heavy and the knife is sharp so I not only need to have a big table surface to place the machine but also storage space for the dies. Dies are either acyrlic or wooden with sharp knife embedded in each die in the shape of the design. Love it!

Note: I'm not an affiliate but just an owner and user of this hardy machine.

And that's when I remember my 'Once is not enough' rubber stamp. So I had the box unstapled and cut into smaller pieces. Once that's done, I used my Grandemark die-cut machine to cut the tags. Then stamp the Recycled image on the side of the tag where there are printed words.

And now I have a stacks of these die-cut tags to draw, stamp or paint on.

And one of the results of my recycled art tag's attempt is the above Happy Birthday tag for my friend, Lisa. I used a roller stamp of houses to decorate this tag and wrote the 'O Happy Day!' words with a permanent black marker. Then kind of add some highlights and finishing touches with a white gel pen.

Other Uses For These Tags

As I have still a whole stack of these tags, I'm thinking what to do with them. Make more birthday greeting tags? Thank You tags? Hmmm....Get Well Soon tags, maybe:-)

Below are some ideas that I'm keep in view here:

  1. a gang of tags with memory verses for meditation.
  2. something to hang onto a drawer pull with a written list of stuff inside the drawer.

Not able to think up anything further now. If you have any idea, do add your comment below and give me feedback, ideas or whatever:-)

God bless... and may you have a creative day everyday.

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