Christian Greeting Card
- Make and send a card to encourage someone today!

A Christian greeting card that speaks of God's love can be a great encouragement to someone who needs to know that God love her.

A Christian greeting card with cutout hearts to share about the love of God.Trust God's Heart

It doesn't need to be a complicated design involving lots of card making techniques. Just a simple card with a bible verse or an encouraging note would suffice.

Below are instructions for making this Christian fun heart card with the message, 'When we can't see God's hand, we can trust His heart.'

Christian Greeting Card - Trust God's Heart

This is a simple greeting card using rubber stamps and water color. Below are the supplies used and also directions for making this Christian card.

Card Making Tools and Supplies

  • White card stocks 
  • Pages from old book 
  • Christian message rubber stamp by Stampendous! 
  • Glue 
  • Trimmer or cutter 
  • Scissors 
  • Black color inkpad 
  • Watercolor 
  • Brush 
  • Double-sided foam tape

Card Making Instructions:

  1. Cut white cardstock to 8.75" (length) x 4" (width). 
  2. Score and fold in half. 
  3. Stamp a a frame with black ink.
  4. Color and trim closely around the frame. 
  5. Attach to front of folded white card front with glue. 
  6. Stamp message stamp with black ink on a piece of white card stock. 
  7. Color and trim closely to outline edges. 
  8. Use double-sided foarm tape to attach inside the frame on card. 
  9. Color the printed page from old book with red watercolor. 
  10. Use a pencil to trace 4 heart shapes of different sizes on watercolored printed page from old book. 
  11. Cut out the hearts and attach with glue and double-sided foam tape to front of card 
  12. Refer to the photo for placement. 

Even if you don't have any rubber stamp, you can easily hand draw a heart and add some flourishes. Doodling can be fun and it is uniquely you. Use a good water resisitant marker to draw on a piece of white card stock. Also you can use your computer to print out some encouraging words, doodle around the wordings, trim and attach to the front of your card with double-sided foam tape for a 3D effect.

It is more important that you take the trouble to make the card and send it to the person who's going through a dry patch. It's the thought that counts. The fact that you care and that you are standing alongside praying for her or him. So make a Christian greeting card today. Be an encourager and bring cheer to someone who needs to know that you and God care.

Card-making Tip

Printed pages from old books can be used to stamp on, coloured, trimmed and attached to front of card.

Click here to view more card making tips.

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