Beautiful Gift Wrap
From Plain Copy Paper

Stamp this gift wrap to make your own stunning wrapping paper. Then make a matching gift card to go along with it.

It's nice to take a blank sheet of white copy paper and turn it into a piece of designer paper to cover a unique present for a special person. This is especially convenient if you do not have time to run out to the shop to buy wrapping paper.

gift wrap created from plain mahjong paper and decorated with stamped images.Gift Wrap with Note Card

The best solution is to grab a piece of plain white copy or cartridge paper and transform it with some rubber stamping and watercoloring.

See the transformation in the above gift wrapping paper and the matching note card. I hope that this will inspire you to start decorating white papers with your own simple drawings, or rubber stamping and make your gift wrapping and giving so much more interesting and unique.

Gift wrapping ideasGift Wrapping Ideas

Scroll down to see more gift wrap design ideas below. Whenever I designed a new gift wrap, I will add them below.

Designing This Wrapping Paper

Tools and Supplies Used

  1. graph background rubber stamp by Hero Arts
  2. rubber stamp message: "the HEART can hold a multitude of DREAMS" by Stampers Anonymous
  3. color markers
  4. white copy paper or cartridge paper
  5. watercolor brush
  6. water
  7. Versafine Instant Dry Pigment Ink Satin Red and Onyx Black
  8. a length of twine to tie the present

Gift Wrap Making Instructions

  1. Ink graph background stamp with satin red ink.
  2. Stamp background image all over white copy paper.
  3. Ink message stamp with balck onyx ink and stamp wherever the two background images meet.
  4. Wet brush and pick up color from marker.
  5. Apply color to squares in the graph background image.
  6. Wrap gift with the designed paper and tie with the twine.

Now that the paper is created and the gift is beautifully wrapped, it's time to make the gift note card to go with the present. 

If the present you are wrapping is big and a piece of copy paper is too small, you can use Mah Jong paper or Cartridge paper to stamp on. Mah Jong paper are those big white sheets of paper Mah Jong players used to line their Mah Jong table. You can buy cartridge paper from Art supplies stores. An A3 size book of cartridge paper will last you quite a long time. Both paper are strong to withstand stamping and coloring with water markers.

If you feel that the twine used for this project is not pleasing, substitute with some other strings or ribbon. I used this twine because I'm in a hurry as this is a present for a friend whom I'm visiting after a long while and at the last minute, I thought that I would like to bring a present for her - the graph background rubber stamp used on this project and some card making embellishments.:-) The last time I visited was a few years ago and I remembered she cooked us the most delicious meal. She's more into scrapbooking than card-making so I'm thinking the graph background rubber stamp by Hero Arts will be most useful for a scrapbooker.

Gift Note Card Making Tools and Supplies

  1. White color card stock 5.5" x 3"
  2. White scrap card
  3. Heart cling stamp by Stampers Anonymous
  4. color markers
  5. black water- resistant marker
  6. watercolor brush
  7. water
  8. Versafine Instant Dry Pigment Ink Satin Red and Onyx Black
  9. hole punch
  10. corner rounder
  11. a piece of twine about 7" long

Gift Note Card Making Instructions

  1. Fold card so front is 2.45" x 3"
  2. Ink graph background stamp with satin red ink.
  3. Stamp background image on botton of note card's front.
  4. Ink heart stamp with balck onyx ink and stamp on white scrap card.
  5. Color heart image and trim.
  6. Apply color to squares in the graph background image.
  7. Use black marker to draw lines just above graph background.
  8. Write 'Hello!' with black marker just above black lines and beside the 3D heart.
  9. Place trimmed heart over card and trace around onto the card.
  10. Apply foam double-sided tape to trimmed heart and paste over traced heart on the card.
  11. Round the corners of top right and bottom left of card.
  12. Punch hole on top left of card and tie twine.
  13. Attach gift card to the gift.

Other Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

Decorated envelopes for Christmas gift giving.Decorated Envelopes for Christmas
Stamped words and images on plain paper with die cut and message.DIY Gift Wrap and Decorated Gift Bag
Merry Christmas gift wrapped with poinsettia flowers.Merry Christmas!

Check out my card-making site for more Gift Wrapping Ideas

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