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Jesus Christ! Who is He?

Jesus Christ is a saviour, the Son of God and who He said He is or is He the biggest scam of the world?

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25 C S Lewis Quotes

25 C S Lewis quotes which I not only enjoy but also find truth in the reading. They are mostly from the book Mere Christianity.

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Higher Hands Are Leading Me

The higher hands of God are leading us day by day. We do not know what tomorrow brings but we know One who know all things and leading and guiding us each day.

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If God Brings You To It

If God brings you to any situation in life, you can be assured that He will bring you through it. You just need to trust Him in all situations.

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Forgiveness is Easy and Instant

Many says that forgiveness is difficult and takes time. I too was of the same mind till I discover how to do it instantly.

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