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How To Move On In Life

How to move on in life and forget the past for something good and wonderful is awaiting you.

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A Simple Christian Lifestyle - Victorious Christian Living Made Simple

Living a simple Christian life that reflects the character of God can only be possible in Christ and daily walking in the very Presence of the Almighty God.

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Christian Daily Devotionals

Bible-based daily devotionals for new believers to matured Christians are available. Use them daily to keep us close to God and live a life pleasing to Him.

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Less Is More Or More Is Better

How having less is more when it comes to living a simple Christian life effectively and contented with the simple things in life.

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To Abide In Christ - What Does It Means? What are the Benefits?

To abide in Christ means trusting and resting on Jesus' finished work on the cross. It is the only place where a Christian can stay secured at all times.

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Daily Bible Reading for a Simple Christian

Approaching bible reading with the correct mindset and getting the most beneficial results from this spiritual discipline.

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Birthday Cards With Bible Verses

Christian Birthday cards with Scripture verse - Psalm 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made. Card making ideas with die-cuts and scrapbooking paper.

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Unique Gift Wrap And Gift Card

Beautiful gift wrap from a plain copy paper and a handmade gift card to compliment the unique gift wrapping.

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Happy Birthday Card

A cheery birthday card you can make for a friend, colleague, family family or church member whether young or old.

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Encouraging Bible Verses

Uplifting and encouraging bible verses to bless, strengthen and bring comfort to those who are discouraged and depressed.

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Kindness - A Christian Story About Being Good To Others

Kindness is a very touching story that will speak to your heart as it has spoken to mine. What an inspiring story!.

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The Christian Cross - Its Signifance

The Christian cross speaks of God's love; Christ's redemptive work. What significance has it for you? Just a jewelry or a tattoo? Or more?

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Christian Crosses - Descriptions and Significance

Notable christian crosses that might be good to know and recognise just so that we do not wear a cross jewelry with a different connotation or meaning.

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The Christian Fish - The Story Behind This Christian Symbol

Story of the Christian Fish - What is the meaning and origin of this Christian symbol?

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Higher Hands Are Leading Me

Higher hands are leading us day by day. We do not know what tomorrow brings but we know Him who knows all things. He is leading us each and every day.

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If God Brings You To It

If God brings you to any situation in life, you can be assured that He will bring you through it. You just need to trust Him in all situations.

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Two Wolves | The Wolves Within - A Cherokee Story

Two Wolves - a Cherokee legend, also known as 'Grandfather Tells' or 'The Wolves Within

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How Is Your Christian Life?

Is your Christian life a constant struggle? Is the abundant life unrealistic? Find out how you can live it effortlessly and experience joy and peace in Christ.

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Prayer Times - Do Christian Have That Too?

Having prayer times throughout the day can be a good thing for Christian to pause and look to God.

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Quiet Time with God

Daily quiet time with God - Why do we need to have one and how to begin and maintain it for long term benefits.

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A Simple Christian Website

A Christian website that provides christian articles and useful resources. It's a personal informative site on Christianity.

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Inspirational Christian Quotes

Christian quotes for christian sermons and christian greeting cards. Inspirational quotations to inspire us to higher living.

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20 Christian Quotes About Life - Powerful Words!

Relevant Christian quotes about life for living victoriously in Christ in the midst of a troubled and uncertain world.

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25 C S Lewis Quotes

25 C S Lewis quotes which I not only enjoy but also find truth in the reading. They are mostly from the book Mere Christianity.

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The Crippled Woman in Luke 13:10-17

The crippled woman bent over for 18 years by a spirit of infirmity healed by Jesus on the Sabbath.

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Jesus Christ! Con Man or Who He Said He Is?

Jesus Christ, a con man? Is He the Saviour of the world, the Son of God and who He said He is or is He the biggest scam of the world?

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Forgiveness is Easy and Instant

Many says that forgiveness is difficult and takes time. I too was of the same mind till I discover how to do it instantly.

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Practice Daily Meditation To Overcome Depression And Worries

Daily meditation techniques including a list of Christian meditation thoughts helpful for overcoming depression and worries.

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Various Types of Meditation Techniques

So many types of meditation in the world. Which meditation techniques should I practice as a Christian.

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Benefits of Meditation - Can Meditation Really Help Me?

What truly are the benefits of meditation? How helpful is daily meditation to ones spiritual life?

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